Social Media Analytics

social media analyticsSocial media analytics has become very important, but are your social media investments giving you the results that you had expected? How are you measuring the ROI generated through your social media marketing efforts?

It is only with efficient monitoring and measuring can you make your social media initiatives succeed.

How can we help you?
We begin with studying the web analytics requirements of your business and then develop a comprehensive framework to measure your social media initiatives. We send-out customized crawlers to incessantly track your brand name or keywords on private blogs, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all other popular business networks), forums, video sharing websites (YouTube, MetaCafe, etc.), picture sharing websites (Flickr, Picassa, etc.), social bookmarking websites (Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc.), product/service review websites, PR and news websites, and more. Once our crawlers aggregate the data, our specialists conduct a complete drill-down analysis and offer you insights into what works for your business.

What do we measure?
✓Number of mentions, views, and clicks
✓The brand’s share of voice
✓Engagement and interaction levels
✓Qualitative data about sentiments and opinions
✓Influencer demographics  of the people who are connected to your brand on social networks
✓Key phrases and terms used by clients while discussing your brand
✓Geographic tracking of your brand’s mentions
✓The impact of your social media initiatives on the website traffic
✓Lead conversion rates as a result of social media activities
✓Social media marketing campaigns by understanding what does work for your organization

How do we do it?
Cord Strategies utilizes multiple innovative and customized tools to track your brand name, organization, or competition related keywords anywhere on the web-based social media.

What do you get?
With Cord Strategies, you can make social media marketing a real and measurable part of your online marketing strategy by:
✓Insights & suggestions to increase users, better develop & monetize your social media
✓Identifying places where you can positively influence opinions of your target audience
✓Aligning your social media with marketing, sales, and website efforts
✓Generating totally customized and professional reports to track your social media activities
✓Fine-tune your social media activities, build stronger bonds with your prospects & clients