Web Analytics

Understanding Web Analytics is imperative to driving increased revenue online. That is why it is important to partner with an expert that has been successfully implementing and managing campaigns. Since 2008, Cord Strategies has believed that to best maximize any traffic generating channel online, you need to have proper web analytics consulting from a qualified individual. This analytics focus is what should be at the core driving your decision making process.

As a web analytics consultant, I can provide our experience from implementation to conversion management. With access to industry experts and leading technology I can help you get the data you need more efficiently and help you make the decisions to move your revenue forward. Whether it is Google Analytics I can help you maximize your platform.

As a Google Analytics Qulified Individual I will monitor your data and help you understand what is and is not working. I can also assist in troubleshooting tracking issues that may arise. Additionally, I will provide you detailed reporting on the channels that you are investing in online and help you understand how to best manage the funds in your digital portfolio.

Analytics Assessments
Web Analytics Roadmaps
✓Metrics Architecture Planning
✓Implementation Audits
✓Data Quality Analysis
✓Data Calibration Analysis

Marketing/Campaign Analysis
Dashboard or Scorecard Set Up and Reporting
Campaign Analysis
Multi-Channel Attribution Analysis
Lead Generation Assessments

Operations Analysis
✓Vendor Selection
✓Process Development
✓Functional Analysis
✓Data Integration Assessments
✓Alerts Set Up and Reports Monitoring