top backlink profilesAre you struggling with building (or earning) a solid link profile? Want to know how to prioritize opportunities and identify which strategies will win you links? Last week, SEJ ThinkTank hosted a webinar for you!

Some of takeaways:

Link building is not just about a few links to one’s pages. Over time, you’re building your authority and profile.

A page that has a link coming from the home page has a tendency to have a higher Domain Authority (DA) even though it doesn’t have a lot of links pointing to it.

Getting a higher DA or Page Authority (PA) is all about link profiles. It’s not only about links pointing to a page but it’s also about internal links and how authority is being passed through. You should have a mixture of high-quality and medium-quality links.

Resources From Kevin’s Webinar
BuzzSumo: Research tool to identify possible linking opportunities or topics you want to engage with
Yesware: Outreach tool that creates a unique email for anyone you want to reach out to then track whether or not they open it so you can tailor your approach to each individual you’re reaching out to
Advanced Link Manager or Advanced Web Ranking: Analytics tool to automatically identify if someone you reached out to placed a link on their website
Screaming Frog: Tool to identify broken links
Group High: Listing of sites you can reach out to
BuzzStream: Inexpensive link building tool

Kevin Rowe, Founder and CEO of Rowe Digital, joined SEJ ThinkTank on January 25th to examine the link profiles for top ranking sites based on his analysis of more than 500 keywords. He also shared the strategies required to build similar profiles. Here is a recap of the webinar he gave, including a video recording and his slides.