Three Google Analytics MythsGoogle Analytics is not difficult and it’s, essential to any small business with any type of digital presence. It is worth it to any business owner to use Google Analytics as a tool to better understand their customers, products, services and marketplace. This blog post covers three Google Analytics myths.

1. Google Analytics is Difficult to Install

While this may have been true in the past, today’s installation and setup of Google Analytics is a five minute process.

Google Analytics can be accessed with any type of Google account, if you have Gmail you already technically have access to Google Analytics. If not, creating a Google account is simple.

Linking Google Analytics to your website or web property is quick and easy. The majority of common web platforms, such as WordPress or Shopify, allow you to simply input the tracking number into a plugin. No coding required, just a quick copy and paste of an 11-digit number.

This five minute process is a critical first step in unlocking digital success.

2. Google Analytics is Difficult to Understand

While Google Analytics is powerful enough to allow for deep dives into technical minutiae, the essential information for a small business owner is always near the surface.

Raw traffic numbers, traffic sources, demographic information, bounce rates, click through rates and other core information are all within two clicks of the home screen. Google has added a lot of functionality to the software but always keeps the most essential within arms length.

With minimal practice in Google Analytics, any small business owner can access key information and take action to improve the digital health of their business. Plus, the reports are easy to understand and to generate.

For tips on which reports you should pay attention to and how to make sure your Analytics is set up to track the correct data, check out our Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics .

3. Serious Google Analytics Analysis is Expensive

This is a myth brought down from the corporate world. Many large companies produce a tremendous amount of data through their web presences or other business activities. They then hire expensive business insight teams to spend all day analyzing data to produce strategic insights.

For a small business, having a data analysis team is not necessary. The key reports and data you need are readily accessible in Google Analytics for free, and it’s easy to find and analyze. It doesn’t take an expensive team to make sense of your data. Once you learn which numbers are important for your business, you’ll be able to start using that information to guide your marketing decisions.