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The adoption of Google Analytics has rapidly grown over the last 7 years. Both small and large companies are using Google Analytics to measure and optimize visitor behavior.

Free Google Analytics support

Most people struggle with Google Analytics and eventually get frustrated with the interface.

That’s why I have created this blog post to show you where you can get free Google Analytics support for your specific problems.

1. Google Analytics Forum

One of my favorite places is the Google Analytics Forum. I actually love to go there to help people find a solution to their challenges.

Google Analytics Community requires that you post your question in the best fitting category:

Google Analytics Discussion Categories have a lot of Google Analytics users and they are willing to help.

Please make sure that you structure your question as clear as possible. This makes it more easy for others to help.

2. Google Analytics Plus Community

Do you have a Google+ profile? Make sure to join these two Google Analytics communities on Google Plus.

Google Analytics Communities on Google+

The first community is moderated by experienced GA users around the world and you will get a thoughtful answer to your question.

The second community is great if you have any questions about the free learning material that Google provides.

3. LinkedIn Google Analytics Community

The largest Google Analytics group on Linkedin is another place where you can get free Google Analytics support. There are already more than 75,000 members in this group.

Google Analytics Group LinkedIn. This is another place where people with GA challenges can free support. There are some great posts there.

4. Official Google Analytics Facebook Page

A smaller group, but still great for questions related to “current topics” and news articles is the Google Analytics Facebook.

5. Google Analytics YouTube Channel

If you have time on your side, you might be able to solve your question by watching one or more Google Analytics YouTube videos:

Google Analytics YouTube provides a lot of useful tutorials out there. You will want to bookmark this channel and subscribe to it if you like the videos!

7. Google Analytics Academy

Do you like to improve your Google Analytics skills so that you don’t have to ask questions every time?

The Google Analytics Academy might be something for you! Especially useful if you want to better understand the basics in Google Analytics.

8. Google Analytics Help Center

Google Analytics knows better than anyone else where Google Analytics users are struggling with. They have all the data in their hands. 🙂 The free Google Analytics Help Center provides easy answers to a wide range of topics:
Google Analytics Help Center

9. Direct Support in Google Analytics

In each main section of Google Analytics you can get direct help in the interface. This is a great place to go if you have a simple question about one of the report sections in Google Analytics. There are direct links to the Analytics Academy as well.

10. Google Search

Google Search can be your best friend if you need an answer to your question.

Do a specific search (with many specific words included) and there is a good chance that the solution to your question and a related link appears on the first few spots in Google!