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SEO Contractor Agreement

This Agreement is entered by and between Cord Strategies (the “Consultant”) and _______________, (the “Contracting Party.”The Effective Date of this Agreement is ________. This Agreement shall run from the Effective Agreement to __________, unless terminated earlier by the parties by mutual written agreement.

Contracting Party shall pay Cord Strategies the advance sum of _______ for said services, payable ___________.

Cord Strategies, a internet website and e-business provider shall provide Search Engine Optimization Services during the term of this Agreement. Said services are calculated to maximize the presence of the Contracting Party’s website on the internet,and otherwise optimize the performance, or number of unique visitors that the Contracting Party receives. Cord Strategies shall use its best efforts, based upon industry standards,to provide said services. Cord Strategies makes no guarantees regarding the results that will be achieved. The parties specifically acknowledge that the results may vary by search engine. For example, the results achieved on Yahoo may vary from those that are achieved on Google or MSN.

Cord Strategies shall not be held responsible if the results achieved are not satisfactory to the Contracting Party. Cord Strategies shall be released from any and all claims regarding: (a) the performance of Contracting Party’s website; (b) the number of unique visitors that will be received, or (c) the overall performance of the website on various search engines. Contracting Party shall hold Cord Strategies harmless and indemnify Cord Strategies against all claims arising from this contract, or claims (including third party claims) which are related to Contracting Party’s presence on the internet.

This agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State of California. Any dispute over the terms or interpretation of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California. All disputes shall be venued in the County of Orange, State of California.

By signing below, the parties agree to the terms and conditions
of this agreement.

Contracting Party By:____________________________________
Errett Cord
“Errett Cord” By:_________________________
SEO Consultant/Web Developer