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The 60-Point SEO Checklist

Meta Tag/Head Area
Title Mandatory
Meta Description Mandatory
Rel Canonical Tag Recommended
Meta Content Type Mandatory
Meta Keywords Optional
Meta Robots Optional
Meta Googlebot Optional
Meta Google Optional
Meta Google Site Verification Optional
Rel Next/Prev Optional
Rel DNS Optional
Rel Shortlink Optional
FB Open Graph Tags Mandatory
Twitter Card Tags Optional
Rel Alternate (RSSFeed) Optional
Rel Shortcut Icon/Icon Favicon Mandatory
Meta Refresh Don’t do it
Heading tags (H1, H2, H3,H4) Mandatory
Paragraph tags Optional
Page Anchors Optional
Links Mandatory
Navigation Mandatory
Unique Content Mandatory
Address Info. Mandatory
Microdata Optional
Strong Optional
Em Optional
Breadcrumbs Mandatory
Cookie Policy Page Mandatory
Contact Page Mandatory
Privacy Page Mandatory
Google + Authorship Mandatory
Social Media Buttons Mandatory
Image Optimization
Alt Mandatory
SEO Friendly File Names Mandatory
Title Mandatory
Compressed Images Optional
Store on Cookieless sub-domains Optional
Use a CDN Optional
SEO Friendly URL Mandatory
No Session ID in URL Mandatory
Root Hompage URL Mandatory
URL Match Canonical Tag Mandatory
URL matches FB Tag Mandatory
All lowercase letters Mandatory
Consistent Closing Slash Mandatory
No non-permitted characters Mandatory
No duplicate URLs for same
XML Sitemap Mandatory
Static Sitemap Mandatory
Compressed Sitemap Mandatory
Video Sitemap Optional
Google News Sitemap Optional
RSS Feed Optional
Sitemap Index File Optional
Sitemap reference in Robots.txt Mandatory
Title Mandatory
Rel Nofollow Optional
Rel Next/Previous Optional
Rel Tag Optional
Rel Author/Me Optional
Rel Bookmark Optional
Robots.txt Mandatory
Robots.txt sitemap link Optional
Robots.txt disallow rules Optional
Check Webmaster Tools Mandatory
404 Error Pages
Make sure the 404 page exists Mandatory
Does the 404 return a 404 message Mandatory
Custom 404 page Optional
Add 404 links to sitemap Optional
3rd Party Software
Navigation Software Avoid
Software Intro Page Avoid
Software Text Content Avoid
Entire site using thrid party software Avoid
Small features Ok
Video Ok
Audio Elements Ok
Animations Ok
Tools Ok