Monthly SEO Maintenance & Strategies

This list could go on and on and will vary by industry, here is list of quick website maintenance tips to put on your monthly website maintenance checklist:

Social Media, PR and Link Building
✓Who do I need to engauge with?
✓Where should I engage, which web property?
✓What can I do to standout and get noticed?
✓What efforts currently need SEO help?

Keywords and Content
✓Look into new keyword research.
✓Setup content for new keywords.
✓Research low competition keywords: product names, technical terms, age specific, name of problem or solution.

Metrics & Measurement
✓Monitor SEO Traffic.
✓Which pages are receiving the most traffic.
✓Which keywords are sending the most traffic.
✓Research your competitor’s website traffic.
✓Research your competitor’s incoming links.

✓Check for robot errors.
✓Check for 404 errors.
✓Check for 302 errors.
✓Check for any page errors.