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Local SEO Consulting Services

Local SEO Services - Orange County, CALocal search has become a powerful marketing channel. It offers focused targeting, high measurability, and usually a very high return on investment. SEO is a very complicated process that requires a wide scope of skills. From technical knowledge helpful when building search engine friendly sites and web usability, marketing and public relation skills essential for site promotion. As an SEO expert that understands marketing as well as the technical and algorithmic field that SEO game is played on.

Local SEO tasks we perform
✓First page placement for up to 5 key phrases per city.
✓One Google Maps profile.
✓Google Local Listings Review boost.
✓Monthly Google Analytics Reporting.
✓SEO Consulting: Changes to link structure, content, key phrase urls, etc.
✓Overall local/mobile SERP visibility and presence.
✓Optimized store locator architecture.
✓Optimized location pages for both ranking and visitor conversion.
✓Comprehensive review of the major citation players in your niche.
✓Maximizing ROI for top selling products on a market-by-market basis.
✓Verification and troubleshooting of Google My Business.
✓Location data management advice across both horizontal and vertical directories.
✓Organic optimization to maximize location “scent” of each location or franchise
✓Creative linkbuilding ideas that scale.
✓Using user-generated content to reinforce geolocation signals.
✓Collaborating on a strategic customer review campaign.
✓Advice on affiliate strategies for Local Search.
✓Proper structuring of Google Analytics account for most relevant location-related insights.
✓Ongoing monitoring of Google My Business pages for maximum impact and consolidation of duplicate listings.

Who needs Local SEO?
If your business provides goods or services from a physical location, your website can benefit from Local SEO. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, give precedence to local search listings. When a search engine user searches terms that are deemed location-based, local listings dominate the top of the results page. To harness the potential traffic at the top of a Search Engine Result Page (SERP), your local presence must be top-notch.

What is On-Site Local SEO?
On-Site Local SEO targets your business’ most important customers: the ones closest to you. A well-constructed, local search oriented website will help your customers find their way from their door to yours. Cord Strategies on-site Local Search Optimization Consulting ensures your site infrastructure, content and external elements are enabling your customers to easily find you in the real world.

The trend towards local search is growing everyday and my clients have been watching and growing from their internet exposure with the help of my local SEO services. Contact Me for a consultation