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SEO Website Audit

Website AuditSEO website audit can tell you a lot about your site. Is it working correctly? Are there content or structure issues that could be hurting your website from getting found on major Search Engines. Are there issues when visitors come to your site that could affect your conversion rate, that’s your ability to turn visitors into customers?

After a complete review of your SEO website audit, you’ll be able to get the answers to these and many more questions. You’ll receive a complete review and strategies report that will help get your website back to the marketing machine it was intended to be.

Website Audit Expectations
•A detailed description and analysis of the your site including: search performance, social media activity, number of internal and external links and overall site content and usability.
•A list of recommendations based on best-practices for online marketing. We will present our results with explanations for each recommendation we suggest.

Features Standard
Titles are unique for each page?
Titles length is between 50 – 65 characters?
Description tag is between 150-160 characters?
Description tag is not keyword stuffed?
Permanent Link structure (URL) format?
Small paragraphs and use of bold, italics
Is there a unique logo for the web site?
Is there a favicon?
Content on the web site is fresh?
Content length on post pages?
Internal linking – Do you link internal pages?
Internal linking – Use of anchor text (is it varied?)
Trying to rank for high competitive keywords?
Is there an ALT tag for all images?
Are image files names descriptive?
Image file size is optimized?
Blog comments have the ‘nofollow’ tag?
External links have the ‘nofollow’ tag?
Banner ads have the ‘nofollow’ tag?
Are pages with duplicate or no content, noindex and nofollow?
Too many ads above the fold?
Checked for invalid use of 301 and 302 redirects?
Site implements rel=canonical to identify the original content?
Site checked for broken links?
Page speed: Average time to load home page?
Are most important pages linked to from home page?
Are most important pages linked to from Sidebar?
Is there a user sitemap (html) in the main menu?
Is there an author for all site pages?
Is there an About, Contact and Privacy policy page?
Is there a breadcrumb on all pages?
Is there a custom 404 page?
Is the web site registered on Google Webmaster tools?
Is the web site registered on Bing Webmaster tools?
Checked robots.txt?
Is there a valid XML Sitemap?
Is the web site registered with Google Analytics?
Social media buttons on all pages?
Is there a Facebook business page?
Is there a Google+ business page?
Is there a Pinterest business page?
Is there a twitter account?
Are social media profiles SEO?
Facebook Like box?
Google+ Add to circles button?
Newsletter and RSS registration?
Number and type of inbound links?
Web site page rank?
Does the web site have a mobile version?
Is the web site compatible with all browsers?
Audit Cost: $850.00
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