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Google Analytics Troubleshooting

There are red flags to watch for in your reports that signal that your implementation is wrong or perhaps that somebody is using your code on their site. If something goes wrong on Google’s end, these articles show you how to avoid disruptions and negative visitor experiences. These also answer common questions and concerns about Google Analytics and the impact of having it on your website.

Google Analytics Outages: What happens during outages? How frequent are they, and what can you do about it?

Google Analytics is Slow: If the Google Analytics interface seems to be running slowly, here are some reasons and possible solutions.

Log Files vs. GA: Why don’t your log files ever line up with your Google Analytics numbers?

Referrals From Own Site: Why does your own site show up as a referral?

Reports Showing “(other): What does (other) mean and how do you get rid of it?

GA Code is Slowing Down Website: Does the tracking code slow down page load times? Tips on making sure it doesn’t.