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Google Analytics Audit

This Google Analytics audit report will address the health of your Google Analytics setup and will provide a list of recommendations on potential issues and changes.

What to Expect from a Google Analytics Audit

  1. Better understand your website visitors and their online behaviours.
  2. Know where your high-quality traffic comes from and how to foster that traffic through marketing activities.
  3. Understand where visitors go on your website and what content resonates with them.
  4. Ensure your site is optimized to convert prospects into customers.
  5. Identify and track the factors that influence conversions.

An initial Google Analytics Audit reviews traffic acquisition, on-site behaviour and conversions to:

  • Confirm that Google Analytics is set up and tracking properly
  • Help Set up or Review Goals, Events and Key Performance Indicators
  • Set up Custom Reports for Key Decision Makers

A Google Analytics audit is a removed, third-party look at how your website is performing. Even if you’re actively monitoring your traffic and using the data to make business decisions, it’s helpful to have an objective third party interpret the data and provide insights you may be overlooking due to familiarity. Audits are helpful to run before a website redesign, when building a content marketing plan and in conjunction with social media audits and search engine optimization. Click here for a sample Google Analytics Report.

Our audit process covers the following areas:

  1. Google Analytics Code Verification
  2. Site Search Tracking Verification
  3. Account & Filters Verification
  4. Goal and Event Conversion
  5. Webmaster Tools & Adwords
  6. Custom Reports & Dashboards
  7. Marketing Activity & Traffic Correlation
  8. Mobile Traffic Assessment
  9. Recommendations
  10. Tools & Resources

Cost: $650.00

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