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Google Analytics Assessment Sample Report

Traffic Sources Report

Google Analytics Traffic Report

Based on experience listed below are some best practices.

Around 40% to 50% Organic Search is normal. If the number is too big it indicates an overexposure to search rankings and algorithm changes (not good at all). If it is too low you are possibly leaving money on the table. And of the search traffic, you want a big portion to be Organic so you are not just “renting” traffic.

20% Direct Traffic. If Google Analytics is implemented direct traffic represents all your existing customers or people from offline campaigns. If the direct traffic is low, you should review customer service / retention.

20% to 30% Referring Sites. This is traffic is from other sites that link to your products on Twitter, Facebook and forums and or link to the site. Again more free traffic.

10% Campaigns. Google Analytics refers to this as “Other”. This covers email campaigns, display / banner ad campaigns, Facebook display campaigns, social media campaigns etc. 10% of the traffic is a sign of a healthy business that has a diversified customer acquisition strategy.

Visitor Loyalty & Recency

Google Analytics Visitor Loyalty

The larger number of visits (9 – 50) and higher produce more sessions and page views.

Length of Visit

Google Analytics Visit Length

*The longer “Session Times” produce more sessions and page views.

Top Landing Pages

Google Analytics Top Landing Pages

FYI, Most websites will see bounce rates fall somewhere between 26% and 70%. Anytime the bounce rate is over 70% either the wrong message or the page is poorly constructed.

FYI, On average 30 – 45 seconds on a page is a good range to be within.

$Index Value Metric – What content makes the most money?

Google Analytics Value Metric

Search Strategy – Keyword Tag Clouds

* I did not perform any in depth SEO analysis. The graphic above gives you an idea of the website’s keyword density and popularity.

Goals & Goal Values

**** Currently there are no goals set for yourdomain.com****

Recommended Goals to Consider
1. “Text Offers” signups
2. “Subscribe” submitting email addresses
3. “Checkout”

Funnel Visualization (No funnels have been setup)

The funnel report shows where in your three or four stepped process people leave.

Google Analytics Funnel


– eCommerce Dashboard
– Realtime dashboard
– Visitor Facts Dashboard
– Site Performance Dashboard
– SEO Dashboard

All dashboards can be customized and be emailed to specific individuals at specific days and times.

– Browser Reports
– Visitor Acquisition Efficiency Analysis Report
– Customer Behavior Report
– Mobile Performance Report
– Hours & Days Report
– Referring Sites Report
– Content Efficiency Report
– Traffic Acquisition from Social Media Report
– SEO: Referring Pages Report
– Google Organic (not provided) Report
– Keyword Analysis Report

All reports can be emailed to specific individuals at specific days and times.

Events and Goals – Please refer to report.

Funnel Visualization – Please refer to report.

Demographics – Enable this feature within GA and add additional code to site.