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Google Adwords Audit

Google Adwords AuditGoogle AdWords Audit for prospective Southern California clients with an existing AdWords account. If you’re managing your campaigns internally, or they’re being managed by an agency, there will be a time where you are not satisfied with the account performance compared to what you’re spending.

With a Google AdWords audit, Cord Strategies can help diagnose what the problem is and start you on the path towards getting the maximum return on investment. This is a preliminary service which occurs before signing any proposal or formal commitment. It is an objective analysis that is designed to determine whether our not we’d be a good fit for working together. All we require is access to your Google AdWords account to perform the account audit.

Components of a Google AdWords Audit
Upon conducting the audit, a detailed report will be delivered with an assessment of the following key components of your account:

Month-over-month performance
Keywords you’re bidding on for relevance
Ad copy you’re testing
Ad groups (ideally you should have only one ad group per topic)
Whether or not conversion tracking is being used for optimization and maximum ROI
Match-type keywords for preserving your advertising budget

The report will includes recommendations regarding all of the above components. With this information, you can make an educated decision about whether or not you wish to proceed with Cord Strategies AdWords services.

Cord Strategies AdWords audits are objective and we pride ourselves on transparency, you’re truly doing the most you can with the budget you have, then we’ll tell you that as well.

In some cases, inexperienced AdWords users create their own accounts, but do not manage them efficiently for optimum performance. This audit is going to show you where you are wasting time and money and point you in the right direction.