Email MarketingEmail Marketing isn’t new or exciting. Because email isn’t on the cutting edge of technology does not mean it’s not effective. The fact is researchers have found that email marketing increases ROI.

Did you know more people use email than Facebook and Twitter combined? An estimated 2.5 billion people around the world use email, according to a study by The Radicati Group, a tech consulting and research company. By comparison, Facebook had 1.71 billion active users and Twitter had just 313 million active users in the second quarter of 2016.

2: Guaranteed Delivery

Even the best Facebook and Twitter posts are short lived. One minute, they’re all the rage. The next, completely forgotten. And you never know whether they’ll actually reach their targets.

Emails are far more likely to reach their given destinations. An estimated 22 percent of emails get blocked or sent to spam folders, according to research by email analyst Return Path. Still, 78 percent is a fantastic delivery rate that other forms of marketing can’t match.

3: Better Staying Power

An email message doesn’t go away. Social media posts and PPC ads have short life spans as an email message stays in your email account until you remove it.

This is important, according to Mail Chimp, 33.8 percent of Americans check their emails throughout the day and 39 percent check emails one to three times per day.

4: Improved ROI

Research continues to show that email marketing actually works.

An EmailExpert found the average return for every $1 spent on email marketing to be $44.25. In addition, a large percentage of marketers report that email marketing produced a much higher ROI for their companies.

5: Easy to Gauge Effectiveness

Determining whether your email campaigns are successful is not too difficult and most people are familiar with the basic metrics like Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes, and Spam Complaints.

Using Google Analytics and tracking links, then it’s possible to measure leads and sales generated from your email campaigns.

6: Human Engagement

Email marketing allows communicate directly with your customers. Customers can go one on one on Facebook by sending private messages, but the culture of Facebook is being open and public. Customers are much more likely to leave comments or tag your business in their posts.

When someone responds to your email messages, they’ll most likely do so by hitting the reply button. This chance at private, one-on-one communication is invaluable. A person who is interested enough to join your email list and engage you in conversation is likely to become a customer.

7: Email and Other Digital Marketing

Email marketing should be combined with other digital marketing tactics.

For example, not only should you be using email marketing alongside of Facebook, but your email and Facebook marketing efforts should work hand-in-hand. Including email sign-ups on your Facebook page is a great way to build your email subscribers, allowing you to lock in on people who are interested in your business. Conversely, you should include social media buttons on your email campaigns to build your audiences on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

8: The Channel You Own

Email marketing, you are in control. You determine when to contact your audience, exactly who in your audience to contact, and what message to send. With other marketing channels, you simply do not have that kind of control.

Your email list can be divided up however you would like. You can start email marketing campaigns aimed at either returning customers or potential buyers.

9: Increasing Website Traffic

Want to bring customers back to your website? Dedicate an email campaign for that very purpose. For example, you can do this when you want your customers to check out a big sale.

You can also use email marketing to advertise blog posts, do-it-yourself guides and other interesting content on your website. People who click through might share your content and provide backlinks, bringing even more value to email campaigns.

10: Lead Generation

Not everyone who signs up for your emails will be ready to make purchases, and that’s fine.

Email marketing is great for building relationships with your clients that are converting into sales down the road. Sometimes, weeks or months may pass before someone responds to an email with an online purchase or a phone call.