Stress Reduction Strategies Can Be Your Secret to Success

Written By: Julie Morris – Life and Career Coach

Stress Reduction Strategies - Julie Morris - Life and Career CoachBeing a busy professional or business owner often means you might be functioning under the gun. Sometimes, stress can get the better of anyone and prevent optimal performance. If you really want to hit the ground running, reducing your stress levels can be your best strategy.

Put Yourself First

Do you participate in a self-care regimen? Self-care includes those activities we do that feed our minds, bodies, and spirits. Sometimes, in the rush of daily life and pressures of work, it’s easy to put personal concerns behind business issues. However, self-care can actually enhance your performance, adding to your self-esteem, increasing your productivity, and bolstering your immune system. explains that leaders who lack a self-care program tend to make more mistakes, are more inclined to be negative, and feel aggravated more easily. In fact, those who elect to make self-care a priority can experience better performance in multiple aspects of their professional life and enjoy better overall life satisfaction. (more…)