Four Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO

#1: Optimize Title Tags
SEO Title Tag
Title tags are the first part of a search result snippet Google users see and you want those tags to be related to the search terms you’re looking to rank for. Not only does this help the search engine, but it also makes it clear what your page or article is about.

In the above example, you can see the search snippet’s title tag is “ppc consultant orange county ca| Cord Strategies.”

It’s important to include a keyword phrase in your title tag. This can boost click-through rate because users’ eyes are drawn to the keyword phrase they just typed into the search bar. (more…)

The Importance of Internal Linking

Internal Site LinkingThe importance of internal linking is the process of hyperlinking text on a page or blog post of your site to another page or blog post on your site. Let me show you an example.

How important is Internal Linking Is to Your Site?
Internal linking can help you position your site for success in many ways.

Improves Site Navigation

Google and Internet users rely on internal linking to navigate your website. Imagine visiting a site’s homepage and not finding what you need on it. You want to be able to click a link on the homepage to take you to the information you’re seeking, but there is no place to click. What do you do? Chances are, you’ll abandon the site. (more…)

2018 SEO Trends

2018 SEO Trends2018 SEO Trends will be the rise of voice search and digital assistants’ effect on SEO has to do with a shift in syntax. That is to say, the language we use to type a search versus speak a search is often very different. (more…)

SEO Content Audit

SEO Content Audit Service What is an SEO Content Audit and why it should be considered.

An SEO content audit is an investment in your website’s SEO future. It entails taking an analytical look at the entirety of your content to determine SEO strengths, weaknesses, and how to improve future content creation.

Through the review and subsequent pruning of your content, you’re able to remove dead weight which might have been weighing down both UX and SEO strength. Google favors quality and freshness in content over quantity. That is to say, Google is pushing everyone to update or remove four year-old blog posts that don’t get any traffic. (more…)