2016 Digital Marketing Statistics

2016 Digital Marketing StatisticsEach month I try to review the latest, high quality digital marketing statistics and sources to inform you approaches to digital marketing!

✓ search, paid search and social media are the top 3 channels driving sales (US, Ecommerce sales, Custora)

✓ Smartphones are now the most important device for consumers (36%), but other non-mobile devices are important for more than half of users (UK, ONS)

✓ 56% of Email opens are now on mobile (Litmus) (more…)

4 Ways to Measure Digital Marketing Success

Measuring Digital MarketingConversions occur when visitors or customers take specific actions as a result of your digital marketing. Unlike website behavior, conversions are more directly linked to sales and revenues. The goal is to increase profits, making sure your digital marketing converts is absolutely essential.

Here are four types of conversions that can indicate successful campaigns:

#1. Online sales

Online sales from your website is perhaps the simplest conversion for gauging success. Tracking your online sales is easy if you use Google Analytics or another Web analytics platform. (more…)