Ten Free Google Analytics Support Sites

The adoption of Google Analytics has rapidly grown over the last 7 years. Both small and large companies are using Google Analytics to measure and optimize visitor behavior.

Free Google Analytics support

Most people struggle with Google Analytics and eventually get frustrated with the interface.

That’s why I have created this blog post to show you where you can get free Google Analytics support for your specific problems.

2017 Google Analytics FAQs for Small Businesses

2017 Google Analtyics FAQs1. Why should a small business need Google Analtyics?

Let’s pretend for a minute that you decided to take a road trip to a destination you’ve never visited before. You take a look at a map and get in your car and start driving. At this point you have not looked at your GPS along the way and instead make a few wrong turns that gets you stuck in traffic which makes your trip take 3 times as long as it would have if you’d used your Google Maps app to get an updated traffic report. (more…)

5 ways NOT to use Google Analytics

Google Analytics MistakesThis Google Analytics article covers 5 ways not to use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a very useful tool for businesses of all sizes and it’s also free. This means most web geeks can start using Google analytics to study their website traffic in an attempt to improve their sites. (more…)