Stress Reduction Strategies Can Be Your Secret to Success

Written By: Julie Morris – Life and Career Coach

Stress Reduction Strategies - Julie Morris - Life and Career CoachBeing a busy professional or business owner often means you might be functioning under the gun. Sometimes, stress can get the better of anyone and prevent optimal performance. If you really want to hit the ground running, reducing your stress levels can be your best strategy.

Put Yourself First

Do you participate in a self-care regimen? Self-care includes those activities we do that feed our minds, bodies, and spirits. Sometimes, in the rush of daily life and pressures of work, it’s easy to put personal concerns behind business issues. However, self-care can actually enhance your performance, adding to your self-esteem, increasing your productivity, and bolstering your immune system. explains that leaders who lack a self-care program tend to make more mistakes, are more inclined to be negative, and feel aggravated more easily. In fact, those who elect to make self-care a priority can experience better performance in multiple aspects of their professional life and enjoy better overall life satisfaction. (more…)

Four Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO

#1: Optimize Title Tags
SEO Title Tag
Title tags are the first part of a search result snippet Google users see and you want those tags to be related to the search terms you’re looking to rank for. Not only does this help the search engine, but it also makes it clear what your page or article is about.

In the above example, you can see the search snippet’s title tag is “ppc consultant orange county ca| Cord Strategies.”

It’s important to include a keyword phrase in your title tag. This can boost click-through rate because users’ eyes are drawn to the keyword phrase they just typed into the search bar. (more…)

Use WordPress for Your Next Website Redesign

Use WordPress for Your Next Website RedesignThere is a wide selection of website options available, from custom designed sites to cookie-cutter themes, it can be overwhelming to think about doing a website redesign. You want to make sure that your site is a strong and accurate reflection of your business, but also that it gets ranked in Google and people are able to find it.

When it comes to doing a website redesign, we recommend that businesses use WordPress. Some people think WordPress is simply a blogging platform, but it’s much more powerful than that. WordPress is the #1 recommendation for an SEO-friendly website platform. (more…)

The Importance of Internal Linking

Internal Site LinkingThe importance of internal linking is the process of hyperlinking text on a page or blog post of your site to another page or blog post on your site. Let me show you an example.

How important is Internal Linking Is to Your Site?
Internal linking can help you position your site for success in many ways.

Improves Site Navigation

Google and Internet users rely on internal linking to navigate your website. Imagine visiting a site’s homepage and not finding what you need on it. You want to be able to click a link on the homepage to take you to the information you’re seeking, but there is no place to click. What do you do? Chances are, you’ll abandon the site. (more…)

SEO Offline Impact

There is great value to improving your website’s SEO will bring giant offline benefits for your business. Additionally, you can also use the interactions you have with your customers offline to improve SEO.

Listed below are several offline opportunities to improve your website’s SEO. (more…)

10 Steps to Check Your Google Analytics Account Set Up is Correct

1. Verify Property ID
The Property ID looks something like UA-000000-4. You want to make sure the ID associated with your account is the same one seen on the live website. It’s not uncommon for Google Analytics to be tracking an outdated website because often developers forget to update Google Analytics codes when launching new sites. We recommend using Google Tag Assistant to effortlessly check your property ID.

2. Check for Tag Updates
Once you know the Property ID is correct, you’ll want to check to see if your tags are the new Universal Analytics or the Global Analytics tags, not old Google Analytics tags.

If you’ve been using Google Analytics for a long time it’s possible your site has an outdated tag. Remember, Google is constantly updating their suite of tools and you want to keep up with the latest version. (more…)

2018 SEO Trends

2018 SEO Trends2018 SEO Trends will be the rise of voice search and digital assistants’ effect on SEO has to do with a shift in syntax. That is to say, the language we use to type a search versus speak a search is often very different. (more…)

SEO Content Audit

SEO Content Audit Service What is an SEO Content Audit and why it should be considered.

An SEO content audit is an investment in your website’s SEO future. It entails taking an analytical look at the entirety of your content to determine SEO strengths, weaknesses, and how to improve future content creation.

Through the review and subsequent pruning of your content, you’re able to remove dead weight which might have been weighing down both UX and SEO strength. Google favors quality and freshness in content over quantity. That is to say, Google is pushing everyone to update or remove four year-old blog posts that don’t get any traffic. (more…)

Increase Your PPC Performance with Alerts

Increase Your PPC Performance with AlertsIncrease Your PPC Performance with Alerts and whether you’re an agency or in-house SEM guru, keeping up on your campaign performance across different channels requires alot of attention. From spend monitoring to ad ranking, advertisers have a lot to stay on top of; and because optimization is the key to a successful campaign, ignorance is not bliss.

Ten Free Google Analytics Support Sites

The adoption of Google Analytics has rapidly grown over the last 7 years. Both small and large companies are using Google Analytics to measure and optimize visitor behavior.

Free Google Analytics support

Most people struggle with Google Analytics and eventually get frustrated with the interface.

That’s why I have created this blog post to show you where you can get free Google Analytics support for your specific problems.

4 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Works

Email MarketingDespite what you might have read, it’s still important to have an email list. List building was all the rage twelve years ago and companies had to develop opt-in and double-opt- in systems in order to protect themselves from spam accusations. Every entrepreneur under offered a newsletter and many of them were packed with killer content.

Three Google Analytics Myths

Three Google Analytics MythsGoogle Analytics is not difficult and it’s, essential to any small business with any type of digital presence. It is worth it to any business owner to use Google Analytics as a tool to better understand their customers, products, services and marketplace. This blog post covers three Google Analytics myths.

PPC Traffic Thermometer Webinar

Have you wonder why your new PPC campaigns aren’t working as you had hoped? Could it be your targeting, your messaging, or your offer?

✓ Launch any PPC campaign and immediately get conversion success
✓ Understand the offer sequence that you can create for any industry
✓ Tie it all back to revenue generated so it becomes predictable

When it comes to a combination of the temperature of your PPC traffic and whether or not your landing page offer matches that temperature.

Webinar – How to Clean a Hacked Magento Website

Hacked Magento SiteThis Sucuri Webinar is led by Cesar Anjos, one of Sucuri Security’s Magento Analysts. Cesar provide a step by step guide to fixing a hacked Magento website. The Magento hacks can be hidden in a variety of places and might only be active when the store is visited in a particular way. These Magento hacks may be located in Magento files, extensions, themes, or the database.


2017 Google Analytics FAQs for Small Businesses

2017 Google Analtyics FAQs1. Why should a small business need Google Analtyics?

Let’s pretend for a minute that you decided to take a road trip to a destination you’ve never visited before. You take a look at a map and get in your car and start driving. At this point you have not looked at your GPS along the way and instead make a few wrong turns that gets you stuck in traffic which makes your trip take 3 times as long as it would have if you’d used your Google Maps app to get an updated traffic report. (more…)

Building In Bound Link Foundations

Building In Bound LinksBuilding in bound link foundations are critical for and successful SEO strategy. There are a variety of in bound link building tactics, which can be helpful for your website that already has an established SEO strategy. However, without a in bound link foundation, it will be difficult to capture any top rankings website link. (more…)

2016 Digital Marketing Statistics

2016 Digital Marketing StatisticsEach month I try to review the latest, high quality digital marketing statistics and sources to inform you approaches to digital marketing!

✓ search, paid search and social media are the top 3 channels driving sales (US, Ecommerce sales, Custora)

✓ Smartphones are now the most important device for consumers (36%), but other non-mobile devices are important for more than half of users (UK, ONS)

✓ 56% of Email opens are now on mobile (Litmus) (more…)

5 ways NOT to use Google Analytics

Google Analytics MistakesThis Google Analytics article covers 5 ways not to use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a very useful tool for businesses of all sizes and it’s also free. This means most web geeks can start using Google analytics to study their website traffic in an attempt to improve their sites. (more…)

4 Ways to Measure Digital Marketing Success

Measuring Digital MarketingConversions occur when visitors or customers take specific actions as a result of your digital marketing. Unlike website behavior, conversions are more directly linked to sales and revenues. The goal is to increase profits, making sure your digital marketing converts is absolutely essential.

Here are four types of conversions that can indicate successful campaigns:

#1. Online sales

Online sales from your website is perhaps the simplest conversion for gauging success. Tracking your online sales is easy if you use Google Analytics or another Web analytics platform. (more…)

11 Local SEO Tips

11 Local SEO TipsBefore we start into the 11 Local SEO tips, let me lay the groundwork for why you need to invest in local SEO. People use search engines to find local businesses they want to buy from. This is not just my own opinion; Google’s own research proves it. Here are a few stats the make the point.

An exhaustive list of 11 Local SEO Tips to boost your search rankings.

1. Targeted physical address

2. Properly use GMB (Google My Business)

3. Enquire the nap on your website matches the nap on GMB (more…)

Recover Your Deleted Google Analytics Account

google analytics trash canWe get calls and emails from clients all the time who have deleted their Google Analytics account and are looking to restore it. We sadly had to send them elsewhere, as there was really no way to restore any of that data once deleted. Read Article

In the upcoming weeks, GA will finally be instituting a trash can. You have 35 days to restore what you’ve deleted. While the trash can won’t be available immediately, starting today what you delete will appear there when it is rolled out.

As for past data before today? Not sure if that is recoverable, might have to let it go.

We all make mistakes, but the damage might seem irrevocable when accidentally deleting crucial reporting information from Google Analytics. Thanks to feedback from our users, we’re pleased to introduce a new feature to provide a safety net each time you delete a view, property or account from your Google Analytics account: the Trash Can.

To get started, navigate to the Administration tab, select an account, and click the Trash Can feature on the left-hand panel. Check off what you want to reclaim, click “Restore,” and voilà! Your view, property or account is now just as it was before you deleted it. Once 35 days pass from the day you originally trashed it, however, you’ll have to say a final goodbye as the data will be removed from the Trash Can and will no longer appear there.