10 Steps to Check Your Google Analytics Account Set Up is Correct

1. Verify Property ID
The Property ID looks something like UA-000000-4. You want to make sure the ID associated with your account is the same one seen on the live website. It’s not uncommon for Google Analytics to be tracking an outdated website because often developers forget to update Google Analytics codes when launching new sites. We recommend using Google Tag Assistant to effortlessly check your property ID.

2. Check for Tag Updates
Once you know the Property ID is correct, you’ll want to check to see if your tags are the new Universal Analytics or the Global Analytics tags, not old Google Analytics tags.

If you’ve been using Google Analytics for a long time it’s possible your site has an outdated tag. Remember, Google is constantly updating their suite of tools and you want to keep up with the latest version. (more…)

2018 SEO Trends

2018 SEO Trends2018 SEO Trends will be the rise of voice search and digital assistants’ effect on SEO has to do with a shift in syntax. That is to say, the language we use to type a search versus speak a search is often very different. (more…)

SEO Content Audit

SEO Content Audit Service What is an SEO Content Audit and why it should be considered.

An SEO content audit is an investment in your website’s SEO future. It entails taking an analytical look at the entirety of your content to determine SEO strengths, weaknesses, and how to improve future content creation.

Through the review and subsequent pruning of your content, you’re able to remove dead weight which might have been weighing down both UX and SEO strength. Google favors quality and freshness in content over quantity. That is to say, Google is pushing everyone to update or remove four year-old blog posts that don’t get any traffic. (more…)

Increase Your PPC Performance with Alerts

Increase Your PPC Performance with AlertsIncrease Your PPC Performance with Alerts and whether you’re an agency or in-house SEM guru, keeping up on your campaign performance across different channels requires alot of attention. From spend monitoring to ad ranking, advertisers have a lot to stay on top of; and because optimization is the key to a successful campaign, ignorance is not bliss.

Ten Free Google Analytics Support Sites

The adoption of Google Analytics has rapidly grown over the last 7 years. Both small and large companies are using Google Analytics to measure and optimize visitor behavior.

Free Google Analytics support

Most people struggle with Google Analytics and eventually get frustrated with the interface.

That’s why I have created this blog post to show you where you can get free Google Analytics support for your specific problems.