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Increase Your PPC Performance with AlertsIncrease Your PPC Performance with Alerts and whether you’re an agency or in-house SEM guru, keeping up on your campaign performance across different channels requires alot of attention. From spend monitoring to ad ranking, advertisers have a lot to stay on top of; and because optimization is the key to a successful campaign, ignorance is not bliss.

I can’t speak for the entire PPC community, I know that I am certainly not by my computer all the time. My guess is that most PPC gurus aren’t on theirs all the time either. If living in our ad data is part of a normal day’s work, we need to have an easy and efficient way to stay on top of it all.

Setting up automated PPC alerts that send emails accessible on mobile is a great way to stay in the know and take necessary actions to keep your advertising running smoothly.

Check out these five alerts all PPCers should use to stay productive, optimize strategy, and make the most out of each advertising dollar.

1. Check or Rewrite Ad Copy
What are the signs of great ad copy? Generally, we know our copy is doing what we need it to by the number of clicks it gets over any given period of time. Therefore, if an ad is sent out into the wild and gets no clicks, we as advertisers need to know.

Example: Alert me if an ad has greater than 100 impressions and less than 1 click.

ppc automated alerts to check ad copy

2. Monitor CPA
In any PPC campaign, monitoring costs is a no-brainer. The cost of an acquisition or conversion is especially important to ensure not only that our ads are converting, but that they are doing so at a profitable rate for our client or company. It is important to modify an alert like this one with an impressions count to be sure that an ad or campaign has seen enough daylight to properly determine an ideal CPA.

3. Ads Not Converting
Your ads may not be converting because of landing page experience, ad copy, or audience targeting. Whatever the reason, you want to stay in the know about ads that don’t guide consumers to the end goal of a purchase or sign-up — to save money and optimize your campaign for success.

Example: Alert me if I’ve spent more than $500 and conversion rate is less than 15%.

4. Closing in on the Spend Cap
Are you pacing your ad spend budget? The following alert will allow you to stay tuned-in to the pace of your ad spend while giving you the power to take action before your cap is hit.

Example: Alert me if total spend > $470 (where spend cap = $500).

5. Search: Average Position is Tanking
If your strategy includes first-page search exposure, this alert is for you. By receiving a notification when an ad’s average position drops below your target, you can take the appropriate action (raise bids, evaluate keywords, etc.) before falling too far behind.

Example: Alert me if the average position is greater than 4. automated alerts to check search position.