PPC Campaign Organization and Restructuring

ppc campaign organization restructuringPPC Campaign organization and restructuring dictates a well-structured pay-per-click (PPC) campaign aligns queries, keywords, and ads to show the right ads to the right searchers in the right place at the right time. This means lower costs and higher performance. Unfortunately, some clients have contacted Cord Strategies with PPC campaigns that were improperly structured by their previous search vendors – and they never even knew it!

Fortunately, Cord Strategies, has developed a processes to quickly address these issues before campaigns are even put into place. We begin every PPC project with a campaign analysis and complete campaign restructure. Many of our clients will see immediate and significant improvements in performance and efficiency, along with reductions in costs.

PPC Campaign Restructuring Process
One of the largest online pool supply retailers switched from its previous search vendor to Cord Strategies with the goal of attaining better PPC performance.

What We Did
1. Through our proven process, we immediately noticed that the previous vendor improperly named
campaigns and that each campaign mixed different product categories, match types, and bid levels. This made it less
efficient to manage large amounts of data and even harder to analyze results appropriately.
2. We created new campaigns that were organized by product category, for example, pool heaters, pool filters, pool lights, etc.
3. We then replaced the Broad Match type campaigns with Modified Broad Match (MBR) to show ads on more relevant keyword and phrase variations. This allowed us to direct traffic to the less-expensive keywords through Exact Match campaigns first, which helped to keep costs under control.
4. We created separate campaigns for Broad Match and MBR campaigns to make performance monitoring and budgeting more efficient.
5. We created “top performer” campaigns to allow us to allocate the most budget to the best performing keywords to ensure that ads shown on their queries appear most often.
6. We standardized campaign naming conventions across all engines to make them easier to track.