PPC Campaign Creatives and Messaging

PPC Campaign Creatives and MessagingAd variations in PPC are very important for success. For maximum PPC ROI, each ad group should have 2-3 variations at all times.

Common ad variations include:

✓by title case (e.g. “Compound Bow Sale!” vs. “Compound Bow sale!”)
✓have multiple calls to action
✓changing the description line

Display advertisers can learn from search that even a small batch of creative variations can add up to significant performance gains over time. These optimizations, when done correctly, also reveal general principles that can be applied to future campaigns to kickstart the optimization process.

In the social space, one of the most obvious creative optimizations is trying different images.

Search & Social Optimizations

Ad text optimization—the process of improving performance of pay per click (PPC) ads—is one of the core activities of PPC managers. Always on the hunt for better ROI, AdWords gurus relentlessly optimize the creative for their campaigns.

Social ad managers also understand the power of creative optimization. In the realm of social, optimization can apply to both the text and graphics in an ad.

A high-performing PPC or social media campaign needs more than compelling copywriting. Achieving strong results requires:

✓ providing a specific and relevant offer to the viewer
✓ testing and optimizing subtle ad variations
✓ refreshing the creative over time

With efficient creative production in hand, all three tactics are now available to display ad campaigns, too.

Begin With Message Relevancy

PPC and social ad managers know that good creative begins with message relevancy. Both channels have extremely valuable audience data. This data can be used to customize ad units that will resonate better with specific viewers.

In search, for example, what the user is searching for gives clues to his/her intent. If I search for “Hoyt Defiant Bow vs. Mathews Halon 6, it’s likely that I’m in the market for a compound bow at a good value. Being relevant with a PPC ad’s messaging can be as simple as having the offer reflect the intent of the search. Ads for Hoyt and Mathews Bow would be a good start. Showing compound bows in those ads would be even better.