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Errett Cord
Newport Beach, CA
Phone: 949-683-6703

Results driven web analytics practitioner with 16 years experience leading eCommerce and digital analytics marketing, operations, and large scale projects in highly competitive markets. Proven leadership and ability to develop highly effective and measurable analytic strategies to drive revenue growth, build successful teams, increase customer acquisition, and expand brand awareness.

Technical competency in web-languages including: Google Analytics Indivdual Qualification, Google AdWords Certification, WordPress, CSS, PHP, MYSQL and Responsive Web Design. Analysis in competitive/keyword research, link analysis, site element optimization, site structure, link popularity and copywriting; CRM experience with a focus on maketing and sales. Expertise in using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Google Analytics/Digital Web Analytics                                              Cord Strategies  2008-Present
Developed web analytics specifications outlining the implementation and configuration requirements.
Identified action items to improve key website performance goals. Developed customized reports calculating key performance indicators, metrics and trends. Current Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

Selected Accomplishments

  • Performed multiple audits of Google Analytics accounts .
  • Redesigned website while reducing overall bounce rate by 10% with Google Analytics.
  • Developed and supported SEO/SEM strategies using Google Analytics.
  • Leveraged data from web analytics tools to create custom key metrics reports and trends.
  • Worked with executive staff to understand organic search strategies and web analytics data.

Additional Core Strengths

  • Google Analytics Segementation
  • Google Analytics Dashboards
  • Website Usability & Testing
  • Ecommerce Platforms/Operations
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Google Analytics Reports
  • AdWords Development & Management
  • Team Leadership & Development
  • Project Management

Project Manager                                                                     Milton Security Group, LLC 2009-2012
At the forefront of new developments in network security technology 

Recruited to manage SharePoint clients and web-development projects. Write and develop solid specifications for application developers. Develop written training materials. Serve as business-IT liaison, assessing and translating business needs among developers, server administrators and department staff to develop, support and maintain custom features.

  • Challenged to turn around SharePoint environment for a northern California power utility.
  • Evaluated, restructured and managed system; established governance program for entire utility.
  • Trained all employees in its use (including creation of documentation/content for instructional materials). Following 30-month turnaround project, mentored replacement administrator.
  • Power utility successes included:

– Enhanced internal communication, increased employee morale and improved efficiency significantly.

– Department made such impressive gains that all five other utility departments opted to end file sharing and convert to SharePoint.

Web Developer/Managing Director                                     Cord Hosting, Inc.  2001-2007
Local web-hosting service provider in Orange County, California; servers in 3 states and internationally

Created, designed, defined and expanded this web-hosting service provider, growing it from inception to a high of nearly 2500 high-value clients and a profitable sale, all within six years. P/L responsibility encompassed sales/marketing, operations, employee management/training and cost accounting.

Provided hosting, email, DNS and other internet-related services.

Incorporated web design, e-commerce development and search-engine optimization (SEO) services for corporate, small-business and personal websites. Supplied web-based credit-card services: Assisted with account setup; integrated websites with credit-card gateway service providers. Gained knowledge of transaction services routing funds to banks to complete online credit transactions.

Defined best practices and developed/maintained systems architecture plan for acquired servers. Assessed client needs and adapted/improved equipment and services. Wrote technical specifications for server, software and network; implemented security measures. Developed website performance metrics. Created standards for system upgrades/updates/patches, technical assistance, disaster recovery and document backup. Executed marketing plans to expand enterprise.

  • Designed client websites to optimize search-engine friendliness, concentrating on relevant keyword placements and enhanced title-tag selections. Resulted in organically improved website rankings for many clients.
  • Grew client base from start-up to 250 high-value accounts within first year; in five years, expanded to as many as 2500 clients.
  • Acquired seven companies: Researched, assessed and negotiated purchases including two companies in New York, one in New Jersey, two in California, one in Canada and one in Switzerland. Retained, on average, 95% of acquired accounts.
  • Negotiated successful acquisition by Click Technologies, Newport Beach, CA.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification      
Google AdWords Certification                                                 

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