Google Analytics Blocking Traffic from Spam Sites

While Google Analytics does a pretty good job of sorting our default channels (Referral, Organic, Paid, Social and Direct) and we can add custom channels and campaigns through the use of the URL builder and event tracking; sadly we sometimes we get spam mixed into these default channels. This spam traffic causes quite a issue for marketing managers: it undermines your data quality by skewing both your overall traffic numbers and your channel reports. Fortunately, there are ways we can remedy this situation and clean up our Google Analytics data.

1. Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders – (Admin > View Settings)
 Google Analytics provides a facility to filter the bots “bot filtering” where you can block no-human referral traffic. It has two steps.
– Go to “admin”
– Click on “view settings”
– Check the box of bot filtering (as shown below)

Step 1 Filtering Google Analytics Spam Traffic

2. Admin Filter (Admin > Filter > New Filter) – You can block any domain name. Use these four steps.
– Go to “admin” part
– Click on “filters” (see it in the image 2)
– Create “new filter”
– Follow steps according to image 3
Referral Spam Website List
(Create New Filter > Filter Name > Filter Type > Filter Field > Filter Pattern)

Make sure you are using the correct url an incorrect url will not block or filter any spam bots.

Step 2 Filtering Google Analytics Spam Traffic

Step 3 Filtering Google Analytics Spam Traffic

3. Add Referral Exclusion – (Admin > Property (Referral Exclusion List) > Add Referral Exclusion) – Add referral exclusion is also a good solution. Here you can Block specific web page URL and their subdomain. It has 4 steps.
– Go to Admin
– Click on referral exclusion
– Add referral exclusion
– Put exact URL detail
Referral Spam Website List

If you are bothered by same URL regularly than “referral exclusion” is very helpful and works perfecty (See image for detail)

Step 4 Filtering Spam Traffic

Step 5 Filtering Google Analytics Spam Traffic

Note: Using the “Referral Exclusion List” can change the session to look like a “Direct Visit”.

Referral Spam Website List