Google Analytics Consulting and Website Audits

Successful web strategies are about understanding the company goals and audience that will be using the website. As a proven web strategist I can help your organization with it’s goals and understanding it’s web analytics and marketing tactics.

Google Analytics Audit
Check to make sure all KPIs are working

Google Analytics Configuration
Make sure your GA setup is correct
and your data is consistent.

Google Analytics Dashboards & Reporting
Setup custom dashboards and automating
the reporting process.


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For Purpose-Specific Dashboards, Import from the Solutions Gallery

When you’re creating a new dashboard, you have three options: • blank dashboard • standard template • specialized dashboard from the Solutions Gallery The first two options are perfectly suitable in many cases, but if you need a dashboard that is focused on a specific industry or marketing/analytics function, the Solutions Gallery is a great […]

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Seven Google Analytics Dashboards for eCommerce

Dashboards for the sake of eCommerce are crucial to understand where you are getting sales, conversions and hits and where you need to improve. Without knowing this, as a business, you cannot improve your marketing strategy. Here are 7 must have Google Analytic dashboards to help you with your eCommerce.

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